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Fink for OS X HW Developers

Fink for OS X HW Developers

Revision History
Revision 1.1.32008-09-28MS

Table of Contents

Microcontroller and EDA Apps
Fink Files

I have been able to use the following packages successfully with Mac OS X (10.5) Leopard and fink. I am not the primary maintainer of most of these packages, nor did I write any of the applications. I do try however to keep my own local fink .info files up to date for others to take advantage of. I also mail the maintainers of patches I needed get the latest releases built.

Microcontroller and EDA Apps


Application Version Purpose
geda-gschem 20080202 Schematic Design
pcb 1.99.20080202 Printed Circuit Board design
gerbv 2.0.1 Gerber File Viewer


Application Version Purpose
gputils 0.13.3 PIC Assembler
picp 0.6.7 PIC Software for Programmer
gpsim 0.21.11 PIC Software Simulator
gtk+extra 2.0.0 gpsim dependency


Application Version Purpose
avr-gcc 4.4.2 Compiler for Atmel AVR
avr-binutils 2.20 AVR linker,assmbler,compiler
avr-libc 1.6.5-2 AVR C-Library
simulavr AVR Simulavor
avr-gdb 7.1 AVR GNU debugger
uisp 20050207 AVR Software for Programmer
avrdude 5.10 AVR Software for Programmer
avarice 2.10 AVR JTAG ICE Hardware Hookup Video


Software Version
Apple Mac OS X Leopard / 10.5.4
Fink / 0.28.5
Apple X11 (Xorg) + SDK + Xcode 2.3.0 (1.4.2-apple5)

Fink Setup for AVRs

  • Get latest fink
  • Grab the collection of fink info files from my website:
    • switch to unstable tree
      • modify /sw/etc/fink.conf
      • Trees: local/main stable/main stable/crypto unstable/main
    • fink selfupdate
    • fink update-all
    • fink install geda-bundle
    • fink install avr-binutils-2.18 # (use my .info)
    • fink -y install avr-gcc avr-libs
    • fink install avarice # (2.7 use my .info)
    • fink install avr-gdb # (6.8 use my .info)