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Project: Chipped
Date: November 2005


DIY RFID human implants are on the rise. I have found over sixteen instances of midnight engineers implanting RFID tags in their hands. The general excuse is for automation purposes. Examples such as unlocking a computer screen saver or opening doors that have been outfitted with electric deadbolts. In my own case the idea of implanting technology that I have researched and spec'd out was very appealing. The fact that it can actually do something useful is quite secondary. The most rewarding part of this project was learning about RFID at a much deeper level.

The Project primarily consists of:

device part# site qty price
RFID tag Q5 EM4102 RFTGASM http://www.phidgetsusa.com 1 $2.10
RFID reader (USB) 1023 http://www.phidgetsusa.com 1 $51.25
Jecta blue implanter gun http://www.jecta.co.uk/ 1 $30.00
Jecta needle 30mmx3mmx13mm http://www.jecta.co.uk/ 1 $1.71
ELA-Max/L.M.X Plus 4% 762807 http://www.americarx.com 1 $11.79
Betadine 8oz 567495 http://www.americarx.com 1 $6.99
Iodides Tincture 65433 http://www.americarx.com 1 $1.65
alcohol wipes local pharmacy
medical tape local pharmacy
gauze pads local pharmacy

RFID tag install process (mov - 2min - 3MB)

Interview with Jonny Goldstein (mov - 11min - 54MB)


Using Mac OS/X

  1. Download Mac OS/X Framework from Phidgets
  2. Install Mac OS/X Framework
  3. $ sudo /usr/bin/phidgetwebservice passwd -v
  4. Run the Cocoa "Phidget RFID" from the Phidgets.dmg / Examples folder
  5. Enable the antenna
  6. You should see your 40bit tag number appear when its within 2" of the reader

Fox News RFID Implant Interview

CNN - Guerrilla Taggers

TV Segment CNBC "On the Money"

TV Segment - UPN - "Get Chipped" - MP4 - 7MB (podcast/psp)

TV Segment - Reuters - MP4 - 12MB (podcast/psp)

ichip reuters footage chinese syndication

Daily Show with Mikey Sklar and Ray Kurzweil

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